Ultra Street Fighter IV New Bonanza! Details Ensue

1) The First piece of news is that there is a small rumor of a leaked release date for Ultra Street Fighter 4 noting that it will be released for consoles on July 11th and July 13th, respectively, for North America and Europe. The source for said rumor is from Gametrailers.com and their show EpicBattleCry. I don’t belive this piece of news to be true even though Capcom swore to release the game before EVO 2014.


2) As of the time of writing Ultra Street Fighter 4 is up and running in Japan right now. The footage is pretty amateurish but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. The footage contains the new characters and gameplay mechanics in action:

3) Along with the videos of the location tests. Here are HD videos of the Ultras of the new characters: Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo: The video is uploaded as a playlist so watch one and the others will follow.

4) In case you are like me and you care about all the character specific changes and balance fixes, follow this link: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2013/nov/21/e-honda-has-invincible-command-throw-sagat-u1-connects-fully-corner-and-more-reports-usf4-changes-coming-first-japan-loc-test/

And, No, There is still no word on who the upcoming fifth character is. So don’t bother asking.

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