Unannounced Amiibo Revealed via In-Store Displays

CaptureSome interesting Amiibo news has been discovered via in-store Amiibo displays across several different retailers in the US. First, some store exclusive Amiibo: timmy-tommyThe Timmy and Tommy Nook Amiibo will be exclusive to Target and the Roy Amiibo (Fire Emblem/SSB) will be exclusive to GameStop. Next, the Japanese Famicom-styled R.O.B. Amiibo will be coming soon as well as Lucas, Animal Crossing series 2 blind card packs, and Wolf Link. Kapp’n, Rover, and Ryu Amiibo were also found in the displays, with Ryu being found on a Toys ‘R Us display, but does not appear to be exclusive. The display that features Kapp’n and Rover is currently unknown, but do not look exclusive to any retail chain.roy-amiiboryu

What do you make of all of this Amiibo news? Will you be picking any of these up? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: MyNintendoNews

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