Valve Releases Steam Machine Prototype Specs!

After Valve announced their Steam Machines, they left us very thirsty for some of the really quenching details. Especially regarding the specs of the prototype Steam Machines they’ll be sending out when the beta launches. But today, Valve has finally given us the range of the specs. We expected there to be a multitude of different prototypes, since Valve already stated that you would be able to purchase a variety of Steam Machines when they’re available. The spec ranges as follows: specs

Even if you get one with the lowest specs possible, you’re still getting a relatively decent machine! And the best part is, that each part is 100% interchangeable! So if you want to upgrade the graphics card, you can do that! Valve is really opening up the console market with the custom options & freedom that we see on PCs! Things are looking up for Steam Machines! Cross your fingers and hope you get chosen for the beta!

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5 thoughts on “Valve Releases Steam Machine Prototype Specs!

  1. why cant I just build the same PC for less?

    • We haven’t even gotten a price yet!

      I assume mid-range steam machine will be priced to compete with consoles. High-end SMs will probably be something not many stores will actually carry and might need special ordering.

      Fact is though, we don’t know anything about pricing yet.

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