WayWard Souls; The iOS RPG That Keeps Getting Expensive.

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of anything like this in my entire life. Rocketcat Games, Wayward Souls is an iOS RPG available on the iTunes store today, for those interested, it costs $5 FOR NOW. The reason I say that is because the developers are planning to charge more for the purchase of the game each time there is a patch. The post-patch pricing is said to go up $1 each time. And seeing as they plan to do it “several” times. I don’t think I agree with something like this, Gamers already get enough into a humongous rage at the notion of spending more money on a game they already bought.

“This is evil” “This is microtransactions of the highest order!” You might say. But, maybe you should try reading their reasoning.

So, why would the developers implement something so insane? 1) Its their plan to get more people interested in buying the game…like right now. Which after hearing this might not work out so good and 2) It motivates the dev team to work hard on the update of the game that it should be enough to warrant a $1 price hike.


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