We Need a New RollerCoaster Tycoon

I really don’t care how badly you want the game, yes sure this might’ve planted an idea in the heads of the developers of the world. The real truth though is that this was a cruel prank, a very cruel joke. The second I headed to N4G and saw that RTC4 was being developed my heart dropped. Soon after that when the twitter post was confirmed fake, I felt betrayed and like I was played for a fool. The fan that decided to hack the twitter account should be REWARDED. Yes ladies and gentlemen, reward, because even though I feel betrayed. I also feel like they brought the situation to light, the fact that the article rose on N4G as fast as it did, its evidence that fans are craving a new installment to the franchise.

Amidst the controversy, I do have a little scenario of my own. What if Sol Williams only lied about being hacked and the project is actually under way? Even though its a cruel way of doing it. This would be a nice twist to the story. In all seriousness though, these are a few reasons as to why we need a new rollercoaster tycoon installment.

  • All RollerCoaster/Theme Park Simulations do not compare to the level of customization RTC features
  • The Havok and Cryteks proprietary CRYENGINE (Panzar isn’t from Crytek and it uses CRYENGINE). These engines will give a Next-Gen RTC title the oomph it needs. A graphical uplift and a physics uplift, the game featuring real physics would add realism unlike any other scripted titles.
  • Hard Drive sizes. Yes HDD sizes, I say this because the last 3 games where not very big games at all. Yea the parks where decent sized but they could be bigger, on top of that the level of detail that can be crammed with todays sizes could just be mind blowing.
  • Todays computer specs allow near perfect anti-aliasing. Any RTC fan knows when I say that the game even at max settings didn’t have good anti-aliasing. With todays Cards, we could have better looking foliage, tracks, supports, and organic material including PEOPLE. 3D people in RTC3 was a jump but they look at blocky as the block people on Rolie Polie Olie.
  • Advanced AI. This would allow unpredictable crowd movement, more realistic reactions to certain park conditions, and allow more realistic communication between guests and crowd groups when they move and even interact.

A new RollerCoaster Tycoon title would excite me and soooo many other fans. I look forward to the day someone guts up and decides to helm the franchise. Like Nimoy once said, “Go where no man has gone before”, and completely blow our minds away with a new title. I really do think someone is either planning on, or is already working on the next installment. I just hope on not just one of those “hopefuls” and that I am right about it.

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