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Competitive gaming is a somewhat touchy subject, not as touch as piracy or franchise stagnation but it’s a subject that isn’t welcomed with the openness of arms. People often laugh at the idea of profiting from your hours of dedicated playtime. And I agree with them. I mean why should a select few of us pursue a career in doing what we love for a living. Pro Gamers? lol what a bunch of losers. I mean, we should be properly utilizing our time to argue on the internet about console specs and sales figures between the PS4/ Xbox One that’s the real way to do it!imagesH4N0649Q


For those who don’t know among League of Legends, Halo, Call of Duty, Fighting games etc. Pokémon is also played in a competitive setting especially now that the Pokémon Video Game and Trading Card Game Winter Regional Championships are finally upon us, and they’re strictly X & Y. What this means is that according to the official rules players cannot use Pokémon obtained outside of the Pokémon found in Pokémon X and Y that also means, no friends safari, no Pokémon Black/White. It’s free and all you need to do is show up at one of these locations in your area.

  • Doswell, VA – January 11th-12th – (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 12th only)
  • Long Beach, CA – January 18th-19th – (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 19th only)
  • Salem, OR – January 18th-19th – (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 19th only)
  • St. Charles, MO – January 18th-19th – (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 18th only)
  • Orlando, FL – January 25th-26th – (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 26th only)

Winners will walk away with booster packs, trophies, and traveling stipends, which I don’t actually understand and are probably better explained on the official website.

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  1. Patormovies says:

    No friend safari? why not? friend safari is inside pokemon X and Y

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