Why Death Stranding’s Bad Review Scores Is A Wake-Up Call

Will this Hideo Kojima production be a complete flop of a project? Death Stranding has been one of the most vague in recent gaming history for a multitude of reasons. The idea of an unclear motive to what the player’s end goal really is, with only a few weeks left until launch, leaves a buyer speculating whether to wait for a price drop or to just hold off entirely. It’s a bleak sign in total when big journalists such as IGN, gave Death Stranding a 6.8 out of 10; I believe the reasoning behind it was fair, but playing Devil’s Advocate can also apply in this case. The days are gone where the only source of media available was commercials, and Tips & Tricks and Game Informer magazines that gave you a glimpse in screenshot and word form of what’s to come and wait for further information. The game’s lifespan these days are largely based off of whether a certain reviewer rates it high enough that warrants a purchase from the masses. Content still needs to be viewed from an subjective standpoint and under an individual lens first before placing a final judgment. Everyone’s taste is different.

Now with the advocate being spoken on, the other side of the coin was that Death Stranding has many issues that could just be viewed as creative license to be different as a brand. While that may be the intent, these days a living inventory for example hindering how you walk and maneuver in an open world game of this magnitude, is a recipe for disaster. In Death Stranding one key element of the game seems to be traversing over large open areas with varying levels of slopes and terrain. When you fall or drop from certain areas or engage in combat, all of your equipment in your inventory begins to scatter and you spend time recollecting your items only to carry your entire adventure on your back. The idea had a cool concept, just poor execution and while that is only one gripe, the game’s main plot and execution felt as if each mission was feeling like side missions and chores.

I hope that Kojima Productions listens to the fans and critics to a degree and ensure that the final build is everything that it could be before November 15, or I truly feel that PlayStation Store could be seeing its next free PS Plus game of the following month.

What are your thoughts about the low overall reviews of Death Stranding? Let us hear your thoughts.

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