Why I Love Video Game Backlogs


Video Games are my favorite in the entertainment medium and I have yet to finish certain games that have been out for a while. Some of these titles have already won awards for their accomplishments and others have received huge price drops in the brick and mortar stores and online. I think it’s a beautiful experience to have stories that are unfinished that are on the mind but get overshadowed by the next exciting story unfolding in a new game release. I feel challenged to return to the games that I have yet to finish, working to finish them in time before the next anticipated game arrives in my possession. A few games that I have in my backlog may disappoint some and others make me laugh because I realized at face value, that the particular title is probably super short in length (minus cut scenes).

I have yet to finish games that are downloaded on my PlayStation Store, E-Shop and now even my retro games are piling up. The retro games in and of themselves, being backlogged are hilarious because the graphical limitations of retro consoles like Nintendo 64, don’t have super long length of games compared to today’s standards. I love backlogs because they inspire me to clean house, my gaming house. I have to make room for the next installment of games to come out, or just invest in bookshelves. There’s nothing wrong with popping a old game in to the system that wasn’t played in a while, but to have never beaten it before at all, is something that the mission is set before me to complete. Especially before the next generation begins, my goal is to be backlog free.

How many games do you have on backlog? Do you binge game or spend weeks on one game at a time to finish them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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