Sony – Why We Are All In-Favor of Your Console

It isn’t just the fact that they appealed to Gamers at E3. It’s the fact that they where the under-dogs for the longest time. Certain mistakes with the PlayStation 3 gave the Xbox 360 an upper-hand last gen but Sony held it through. They continued to provide and waited. They wanted to come back strong. So obviously they held some things out at the Reveal, while Microsoft did not. The next battle began and Sony delivered possibly a game winning punch. They won our trust, while Microsoft demolished what gaming is. Even with the reversal of DRM, we cannot trust Microsoft. Not because we don’t want to, but because we can’t. Everything inside us is constantly telling us not to, because if they tried it once they most certainly can try it again. Maybe not in the first week, month, or even year, but slowly and patiently like a predator waiting to strike at the perfect time. This is why we are still in-favor of the PlayStation 4 even after Microsoft’s DRM switch. Simply because they didn’t try to screw us once and they won’t try to in the future. The battle isn’t over yet though, it’s just only begun. Once the consoles are released then we can truly see what they are all about. Only then can we determine a winner, it’s simply to early to tell. Even with that said I cannot see a scenario in which Microsoft pulls through,  Sony has already won most of us over.

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One thought on “Sony – Why We Are All In-Favor of Your Console

  1. I don’t think Sony and the Playstation have ever been seen as the underdogs. The original Xbox, and maybe even the Wii, were the last console “Underdogs”. Since then the 360 and PS3 were more equal rivals, if anything the 360 could have been seen as more underdog given the worse off xbox original sales in comparison to the PS2.

    And of course MS is going to try something again, it’s what their whole Xbox One policy was about: Moving the console age to the digital, steam like, age – Console Steam Punk, anyone?
    Fuck me, even Sony will be trying to do that during the PS4’s lifespan, the problem MS had was coming on too strong with little to no information on what or why. Now that people know, both Sony and MS will slowly begin competing for digital dominance.

    So “Trust” who you want, in the end both companies don’t really care about you personally, they just care about making a profit and winning over more people to make said profit, and that you can trust.

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