Wii U Sells Over 100k in Japan Last Week

The latest Media Sales Create is out, and it yields some amazing results from Nintendo. The Wii U managed to break 0ver 100,000 units sold, which it hasn’t done since the system launched last holiday season. This is roughly a 25% sales increase from the prior week. The latest Japanese Media Create sales are as follows:

3DS LL – 164,078
Wii U – 109,113
3DS – 68,522
Vita – 50,087
PS3 – 24,573
PSP – 9,905
Vita TV – 5,504
Wii – 1,711
Xbox 360 – 763

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

3DS LL – 130,710
Wii U – 74,903
3DS – 50,846
Vita – 30,440
PS3 – 23,959
PSP – 6,475
Vita TV – 5,506
Wii – 1,197
Xbox 360 – 536

For those who may not pay attention to sales numbers, throughout this entire year the Wii U used to struggle to even break 10k in Japan, and would sell as low as 3-4 thousand for some single weeks. So putting that into perspective, it’s amazing the kind of turn around that Nintendo has managed to do. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Wii U sells for the last week of December.

Let’s hope they can keep that momentum going in 2014.

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