Wii U Update Available

Wii U firmware version 5.1.0 is now available for download. This update has a number of nice additions.

Firstly, owners can now transfer their data from one Wii U to another. This is something people have wanted for a while, so this is probably the best part of the update. With this transfer, all data on the Wii U must be moved to the other. One cannot transfer over just a single piece of software. Wii menu software will be copied over to the source Wii U, making the user’s digital Wii content available on both Wii U consoles. Also, the eShop can now be navigated using the Wii Remote, Classic Controller, or Wii U Pro Controller. The gamepad is no longer necessary. The Nintendo site also states that other minor changes have been made to “enhance the user experience”.


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