Will There Be Actual Steam Box Exclusives?

So this week has yielded some pretty exciting announcements from Valve regarding their upcoming Steam Box. In my eyes, the SteamOS, controller, and Steam Machines all sound like some innovative and quality ideas. But one question still lingers around my head: will there actually be any Steam Box exclusives?

As of right now the hype train for this system (or rather, these systems) are going full-steam ahead. Valve seems to be cooking up some really unique and innovative ideas not seen before in the console market.

But one potential problem that could hold this entire operation back is the lack of exclusives.

While the Steam Box is sounding great, hell, even amazing right now, it’s hard to imagine that Valve, a company that currently has tens of millions registered Steam members would actually either buy or create exclusives for the platforms. The current PC market is simply too massive to ignore. So going under the [probable] assumption of the Steam Box not having any games to call it’s own, what would entice gamers who plan on owning an Xbox One or a PS4 – or gamers who already own PC’s – to purchase a Steam Machine?

Multiplats are great, but the main driving force behind any system is always going to be it’s exclusives. If all the games on the Steam Box can simply be found elsewhere, what would be the benefit of owning one?

steam box exclusives

One more announcement to go. Valve is actually counting to 3?

Now, I understand that these machines are meant to basically be specially-tailored, accessible, family room PC’s, but at the same time, Valve is also aiming to out-class the PS4 and Xbox One hardware-wise. This leaves us to believe that the Steam Machines will be somewhere in the $500 range. But why would anyone spend $500 on a multiplat machine when they can simply use that money to purchase a PS4 (for $100 cheaper) and an Xbox One, which are two systems that theoretically will have the same games as the Steam Box and then some?

Some of you may make the argument that the Steam Box will offer notable upgraded visuals and features over the competition, but at the same time, if you’re looking to spend $500 for a PC-like experience, you might as well save yourself up some couple hundred extra dollars to purchase a real, actual PC in the first place.

As for any potentially cheaper models – let’s say in the $300-$400 range – at that price point, you might as well purchase a next-generation system.

Now if the Steam Box actually will come with some exclusives, then every point I’m making in this article is null and void. And I don’t mean this to come off as bashing the system(s) or Valve themselves. I love Valve and Steam goddammit. I’m just proposing a question I actually don’t see many people considering.

But here’s to hoping that Valve is successful with their 2014 endeavors.

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3 thoughts on “Will There Be Actual Steam Box Exclusives?

  1. “One more announcement to go. Valve is actually counting to 3?” Half Life 3 confirmed

    • Nope.

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