Xbox One’s New and Improved Chat Headset

Not only is the Xbox One’s chat headset look slightly different from the 360 model, but just like the new One controller, there all improvements that are designed to make the entire online-gaming experience as fun and enjoyable as possible, in this case, being able to hear friends and randoms over the mic more clearly now! Microsoft has recently come out with a test to prove the  audio quality different by comparing the two mics together saying the same sentence, and it definitely is clear that the new one, is the superior headset. The new Xbox One headset will cost $25 dollars, but there will be one bundled in with the purchase of the Xbox One. The only disappointment with the new headset, is that you wont be able to talk to others on a 360 chat headset, but you can send text messages to one anothers Xbox Live gamer tag.

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2 thoughts on “Xbox One’s New and Improved Chat Headset

  1. Can i like…. Destroy everything on top and leave the USB still hanging to use for my pc?

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