Yooka-Laylee Will Have DLC, But It Won’t Be Made Until the Main Game Releases

DLC is too often used by publishers and developers as an excuse to cut out content from the main game and sell it separately day one. Thankfully, Playtonic won’t start making any DLC for Yooka-Laylee until after the main game releases. The highest stretch goal currently on the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter is simply for polishing the game, but the developers are planning to expand to more stretch goals containing funding for future DLC. I’m glad that Playtonic wants to give player’s more content while still making the core game a full experience. Playtonic made this statement:

 “When – and only when – we’ve finished and shipped the full version of Yooka-Laylee, we’ll start work on additional content that will be distributed to backers free of charge for their platform of choice. And again, all additional funding will of course go towards improving and polishing the game,” Playtonic.

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