Zelda Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

Shortly after the reveal of Princess Rosalina, Zelda has finally been confirmed for the next installment of Smash Bros.! Zelda was pretty much a no brainer to be in the game, but it’s always nice to see how they turn out. The model looks great and more detailed than ever (as expected).

View the rest of her screenshots on the official Smash Bros. website:


So far we have 3 Princesses in the roster. Perhaps we’ll get 1 more for a 4 player Princess war! (Which could also work if Daisy is still an alternate color for Peach)

Now I guess we just wait for the other obvious characters such as Yoshi, Captain Falcon and Ness.

So is everyone excited to play as Zelda once again?

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